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When you start your study in Nanchang Institute of Technology (NIT), you will not only encounter classmates and friends from different countries with different cultures and customs, but also need to adapt to the customs of China, obey Chinese laws and the rules and regulations of NIT. We hereby formulate the Security Guide to make you study and live here safer and happier.


I. Alcohol


According to the provisions of Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, litigants should bear legal responsibilities for the damage and consequences caused by behavior conducted due to excessive drinking.


1. Do not excessively drink in the dormitory or disturb other students’ normal rest by making noise after drinking. The police and NIT will deal with the matter according to the actual situation once someone calls the police.


2. Please drink moderately.


3. Please take care of each other after drinking in friends’ gatherings or parties.



II. Drugs


 Drugs stipulated by Chinese laws include opium, heroin, methylamphetamine (amphetamin chloride), morphine, marihuana, cocaine and other stupefacient and psychotropic substances able to be addicted under the control by the country. It is illegal to smuggle, sell, transport or make drugs and allow people taking drugs in China; those who with cases of gross violation will be investigated criminal responsibilities.


1. It is prohibited to sell, carry or take drugs. Severe punishment will be offered once discovered;


2. Please dial 88126110 to call the police once discovering people selling, carrying or taking drugs;


3. Please protect yourself in the pubs and entertainment venues, and do not be tempted to take drugs



III. Traffic


There are a lot of people and vehicles in campus, and there may be accidents between pedestrians and non-motor vehicles and between vehicles.


1. It is prohibited to use large-power motorcycle in Nanchang City. Electric bicycles reaching certain displacement are also required to be licensed. Chinese driving license and vehicle license are required for driving motorcycles and cars.


2. Please walk safely in campus, do not conduct sliding plate or ball games on the road, do not walk in the middle of the road in crowds, and pay attention to safety when riding.


3. Please buy the bicycles in a regular store in case of any need, and keep the invoice properly.


4. If your bicycle is stolen, please timely dial 0791-88126110 or report the case to Security Office. If you find your lost bicycle in the campus, please timely go to Security Office to ask relevant teacher for help, and do not take measures like lock picking or stealing and other violent behaviors arbitrarily, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by misunderstanding.


5. Please pay attention to safety when going outside. You may choose public transport means, such as Bus 220, Bus 867, Bus 871, Subway Line 1, or by taxi, but please do not take vehicles without operation qualification.



IV. Personal Safety Behavior and Safety Awareness


Steal and internet fraud are commonly occurred in campus life, so how to effectively prevent such matters? We suggest to:


1. pay attention to personal safety behavior. Close the door of the dormitory, lock the valuables and do not takes strangers or unfamiliar friends to your dormitory (some thieves are people around you);


2. do not readily believe the online and mobile phone message to avoid being tricked.

3、 外出时,注意保管好手机和钱包等贵重物品(如果放在包里,请将包背在前面);

3. When going out, please pay attention to keep the mobile phone, wallet and valuables properly (please keep your bag in the front if the valuables are in your bag);

4、 网络购物应谨慎。尽量在正规的购物网站上购物,不贪图便宜。在涉及现金转帐问题时,一定要电话联系对方确认,如有疑惑,请向身边同学或老师咨询,发现损失及时报警88126110

4. Be prudent when online shopping. Try to shop in the regular online stores, do not hanker for cheap things. Please confirm with the other party via phone in case of involving cash transfer. Please consult your classmates or teachers in case of any doubts. Timely call the police at 88126110 in case of any loss.




Never be a thief, or you will be caught on spot. According to incomplete statistics, a large proportion of thefts come from internal theft in the campus life of international students.



V. Mental Problems and Interpersonal Relation Problems Caused by Adaptation Problems


 When a person comes to a different country, different language, living and studying environment and customs may bring you some mental adaptation problems, you may feel lonely, depressed and anxious. Classmates of different life background and values bring outstanding difference in personality and habits, easy to cause friction and conflict in terms of interpersonal relations. At this time, you should learn to:


1. Actively adapt to new environment, attend classmates’ activities;


2. Keep contact and communication with families, friends and classmates, make more friends, this is an important way for us obtaining support and safety;


3. Know about others’ personality, culture and customs, try to avoid their privacy and religious taboo;


4. Respect the person right and dignity of others, and respect the culture and customs of China.



VI. Possible Safety Problems in Interpersonal Communication


 Respect the person right and dignity of others, and respect the customs and habits of different countries, especially the cultural customs of China. Avoid fraud in the interpersonal process.

1、 学生宿舍内不允许留宿他人;

1. It is prohibited to accommodate other people in the student dormitory;

2、 自觉遵守《南昌工程学院留学生住宿管理规定》并主动配合安保人员做好工作;

2. Observe the Stipulations of Nanchang Institute of Technology on Dormitory Management for International Students, and actively cooperate with security staff;



VII. Off-campus Working and Staying Overnight


It is stipulated by Stipulations on Management of International Students in China that international students are prohibited to work or do business or engage in other operation activities during the period studying in school, but are allowed to participate in the on-campus work-study program as stipulated by NIT. Foreigners engaged in illegal employment will be punished 5000yuan-20,000yuan; those who with serious circumstances will be detained 5-15 days, and 5000yuan-20,000yuan penalty.


1. International students are prohibited to work or do business or engage in other operation activities during the period studying in school;


2. Off-campus internship should follow relevant management methods of NIT on students’ off-campus teaching internship activities; students engaged in off-campus internship and living off the campus should handle visa endorsement procedures in the public security authority.



    The accommodation for international students is on the campus of NIT. International students should live in the dormitory as distributed by NIT. Without asking for a leave as required, they can not stay overnight off NIT campus. When they need to stay outside and have been approved by NIT, they should stay in a regular safe hotel instead of any other places. In case of staying at individuals', they should report their arrival within 24 hours to the local police station.



VIII. Provisions on Religions


      According to Rules for the Implementation of the Provisions on the Administration of Religious Activities of Aliens within the Territory of the People's Republic of China, the People's Republic of China respects the freedom of religious belief of aliens within Chinese territory, and protects and administrate the religious activities of aliens within Chinese territory in accordance with law. The People's Republic of China protects friendly contacts and cultural and academic exchanges of aliens within Chinese territory with Chinese religious circles in respect of religions in accordance with law.


    Aliens may participate in religious activities at lawfully registered Buddhist monasteries, Taoist temples, mosques, churches within Chinese territory.


    Aliens who conduct religious activities within Chinese territory shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations.


    Aliens may not intervene in the establishment and change of Chinese religious bodies or sites for religious activities, the selecting, appointing and changing of religious personnel by Chinese religious bodies, nor may they intervene in or manipulate other internal affairs of Chinese religious bodies. Within Chinese territory, aliens may not establish religious organizations, institute religious offices, set up sites for religious activities, run religious institutions or hold religious classes in any names or forms.


   Aliens may not engage in the following missionary activities within Chinese territory:

  (1) appointing religious personnel among Chinese citizens;

  (2) developing religious followers among Chinese citizens;

  (3) preaching and expounding the scripture at the sites for religious activities without permission;

  (4) preaching and expounding the scripture or conducting religious gathering activities at the places outside the lawfully registered sites for religious activities;

  (5) conducting religious activities with Chinese citizens at temporary sites for religious activities, except that the Chinese religious personnel are invited to preside the religious activities;

  (6) producing or selling religious books and journals, religious audio-visual products, religious electronic goods or other religious articles;

  (7) distributing religious propaganda materials;

  (8) other missionary activities.



Ⅸ.Seek Help


1. If you are stolen, injured, have sudden illness or are insulted on campus, please timely call the police at 88126110, or call 0791-88126120 for help on campus anytime.

2、 如果你感到情绪无法控制,忧郁,精神不济,可以尝试预约南昌工程学院大学生心理咨询中心寻求咨询帮助(大学生活动中心),预约电话: 87728177

2. If you feel unable to control your emotion, depression or spirit, you can try to make an appointment at Psychological Counseling Center of NIT for help (College Students’ Activity Center), Appointment Call: 87728177.

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